Wednesday 19 September 2012

Event Announcement - Google App Engine Talks (Series 2)

Google App Engine Talks (Series 2)

This event is co-organised by
IEEE Singapore Computer Chapter &
Google Developer Group Singapore
and sponsored by 
IEEE Singapore Computer Chapter.

 Date / Time: 5th Oct 2012 (Friday) @ 5:30pm 
 Venue: I2R at Fusionopolis, Connexis South Tower, Room Franklin @ Level 11

5:30 PM: Registration & Refreshment
6:00 PM: Talk 1: Big Data and Google App Engine (Pipeline API)
7:00 PM: Talk 2: Super-charge your startup with Google App Engine
As refreshments will be served, please register online by 3rd Oct 2012 at:

Talk 1: Big Data and Google App Engine (Pipeline API)

Synopsis: The focus to the talk will be about the role, the challenges of using Big Data in the industry. This talk would include Pipeline API in Google App-Engine. The Google App Engine Pipeline API connects together complex, time-consuming workflows (including human tasks). The goals are flexibility, workflow reuse, and testability. A primary use-case of the API is connecting together various App Engine MapReduces into a computational pipeline.

Speaker Name: Gautam Anand, NUS, Researcher, Singapore

Speaker Bio: Gautam Anand is presently a Researcher at National University of Singapore and working on developing a Software Simulation System .He is a recent graduate in Computer science from India.In the past he has been associated with Google Developer Group /GTUG in India as a Community Manager at City level. He as a student was involved with IEEE (Region 10) and He has also worked for shorter durations with EFY India & University of Malaysia. He is interested in Data-Mining , Big-data Applications, Machine Learning and Simulation systems.
Talk 2: Super-charge your startup with Google AppEngine
Synopsis: We will briefly present Google AppEngine, and will focus on why the PaaS from Google  should be a hosting platform considered by any early stage Internet startup. The presentation will then focus on good practices to get started with Google AppEngine, and some ways to avoid common issues when developing for Google AppEngine Java.
Speaker Name: Jerome Mouton, CTO Snap Engage, Germany
Speaker Bio: Jerome is the co-founder and CTO at SnapEngage, a customer engagement solution hosted on Google App Engine. He is as well a lead of the Google Developer Group Berlin.

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